Why not? If we can study geography or physics, why couldn't we study stupidity? Is stupidity something worse than physics or geography? Maybe it could be a part of them. Or maybe vice versa... The profound and thorough knowledge of this phenomenon should be the most important priority for science. It's high time to describe stupidity, to classify its varieties, to learn to recognise it properly... Is it possible? It is, though won't be easy, no doubt. Stupidity is not that stupid as it may seem. Oh, no! Stupidity is very cunning and sly. Can we consider slyness and cunningness the features, the manifestations of wisdom? Really doubtful it is. It can camouflage unexpectedly and extraordinarily. It has numerous, even uncountable, masks ready for use and puts them on very cleverly and skilfully. It can disguise same easily, well, it can even change its form, face, countenance, measures. What a great number of strategies to be examined, explored and tested! What a great variety of ducking techniques! What a great number of escaping methods! How numerous ways of hiding! A wardrobe full of caps of invisibility. Enormous talent for mimicry, including the gift which makes devastating chaos and confusion in one's mind: now, stupidity takes the form of wisdom, puts on the attire of wisdom, uses the speech of wisdom, ideally imitate gestures of wisdom.... What makes the situation much worse is the fact wisdom quite often sounds really crude (and rude), as if it didn't know subtleness at all; and although it does not put the attire of stupidity, does not disguise, it is considered stupidity. What I'm going to write in this very moment should be written with very small letters: sometimes wisdom is just stupid. I don't mean that it is stupid to be wise, no, simply sometimes wise is just stupid and that's all. Well, how can we separate and distinguish them? You see? There's a lot to be learned and explored. There are plenty of topics for dissertations and scientific researches. Of course, we are aware that getting BA in stupidity sounds quite strange, even stupid, since it will suggest to the stupid that they have a deal with a master of stupidity, or somebody burdened with enormous, sealed and confirmed stupidity, while in fact it is not so. Let's think: BA in geography means only that somebody knows geography very well, but themselves are not a geography. Also BA in stupidity means that somebody will only know a lot about stupidity, but themselves will not be stupid. Unless they were suppressed by the scale and pace of given tasks and orders. Fortunately EU confers no titles (because it considers them stupid – this is one of many reasons), so you can just stop bother about it.

OK. Let's get to work. We have to hurry up. Stupidity is not lazy, although it may seem so. No, really not. On the contrary. It is surprisingly diligent. Does not use a take-it-easy strategy. Slowly, or maybe not so slowly, it conquers, one by one, the fortresses of wisdom. We have to concentrate and defend ourselves more efficiently, even counter-attack.

This is the list of topics for lectures and for meditations at home:

The origin of stupidity

Stupidity, what is it?

Why is the world stupid?

Is Liberland stupid, and if so then why?

Types, kinds and varieties of stupidity
(or Typology of stupidity)

The breathtaking career of stupidity

What is stupidity for?

As for workshops and practical training, most probably we will focus on constructing a device for detecting stupidity, or a stupidity detector.