Liberland should produce paper.

Should it? Really?

We can write not only on paper.

We can write on water, for example.

Also in air.

And on air? No. Probably not. Unless somebody knows where is the surface of air. We can write in water, too, but it's much better on, for water has a surface.

Ground also has a surface. Many different surfaces it has and each of them can be used for writing, though each of them requires a convenient technique. Well, different techniques can be also used when writing on water – this was described in a treatise titled Aquagraphy. When writing in air we can also use different techniques, however this is of no significance at all, for the change of technique in fact changes nothing – somebody writing in air, regardless the applied technique, always looks as if doing acrobatic exercises which don't recall writing. Interesting, it's easier to write in ground than in water and in air – we can't dig a tunnel in water or in air. When we write in a tunnel, do we write in the ground or on the ground? Or both? This is even more interesting.....

Writing on water and in air differs from writing on ground mainly because only the one who writes knows one writes and what is being written, and only for a short while, only when the process of writing is taking place, because later one can not read what has just been written.

What has been written on the ground can be read later, though often hardly, and the more later the more hardly. Rain, wind, grass, herbs, moles and various living and non-living beings are absolutely not interesting in our scribble.

We can write also on leaves, but leaves like to move, to tremble, shift, turn, change their position, wither, fall, thus efficiently distort what has been written on them, often even thwarting our efforts totally. We can also cut letters in a tree bark, but this is something troublesome and really brutal, though the bark can heal the wounds, often even the scars can vanish – thus the tree absorbs our poem.... A poem!? Who would try to cut a multiverse poem in a tree bark? It's better to cut it in a stone. A stone can survive millions of years, however with no guarantee our poem will survive together with it.

And that's the point: to last as long as possible. To make our words last for ever.

We can also write on the screen. A screen?! Click! And there is no screen. Yet they say, what has been once caught by the net will stay in it for ever. Of course, as long as this net exists. A net?! Click. And there is no net.

So, paper is not that stupid solution. Paper has extraordinary features. Probably the best durability-fragility ratio.

The one's own paper. Private paper. Unique paper. Paper full of meanings. Not neutral paper. Semantic paper. Local paper..... For example made of apples. Of local varieties of apples. Apple paper is said to be fine. Interesting. Intriguing. And can be produced easily..... Paper made of nettles. Because nettles have fibres. And there are plenty of nettles here.... How about paper made of ferns? There are plenty of ferns here, too. And how about paper made of grass pulp? A mower produces a lot of such pulp...... What should be made then?

Yes, what should be made next? An ink should be produced? A laser printer toner should be made of ashes? And the printer itself? Oh, it's enough to cut typefaces from wood....

In this way an obsession of non-neutralness, obsession of omniparticipation, of omnimeaningness transforms into an obsession of self-sufficiency.

Once I cut types in apple wood blocks. The shape of letters was dependent on the shape of the blocks – generally they are round, cylindrical, thinner or thicker, like branches are, each has its own diameter ...... It would be interesting to write the history of local apple trees on apple paper, set it with types cut in apple wood, print it with apple juice ink..... Cutting type in wood blocks is a very toilsome work. I'm afraid I wouldn't like to do this once more. Probably.... How about paper? Why not? Paper has always been in my mind. Maybe I have had a paper pulp in my head. Probably.

A paper mill.


Liberland Semantic Paper Mill.



Semantic Hand-made Paper Manufactory.

Sounds better. Sounds very good. A name is supposed to be the most important.