F  A  C  T  O  R  Y   O  F   E  R  R  O  R  S . Facterrors. Fuck terror. Fuck errors. Terror of errors. Error of terror.

This is the biggest factory in Liberland. Really a huge one. Provided that Liberland is huge, because this factory is as big as Liberland. And it is everywhere. In every site. In every place. In every word. Well, in fact Liberland itself is a factory of errors. Liberland is this very factory. More: Liberland itself has been produced in this factory. So, Liberland itself is an error. A big one. A huge one. That is why there is no need to describe this factory, because to describe this factory one should describe Liberland, and there is no need to describe Liberland, for Liberland describes itself, it means Liberland itself is the description of Liberland – in this very case a description and a described are indentical, are one and the same thing.

But if someone were stubborn and insisted to describe Liberland in one sentence only, what would this sentence be like?
This is the factory which produced itself. And in one word only? T E R R I F I C . Terrifuc. Terrifuck. Terrifact.