There is no lake here. What a pity. The lake with neither too warm nor too cold water. With the water just perfect for my body. So that I could dip in it this body of mine with no noisy splashes and no spectacular fountains or geysers. The surface would stay smooth, though a bit rippled, but not troubled. No, I wouldn't need to see the bottom. The water in a lake don't need to be transparent, nor blue. It would be dark and a bit mysterious, as usually. Having in it the reflection of the sky would be definitely more important. White clouds sailing in it – I would feel like swimming in the sky. Well, swimming and flying are alike… However, the most important is to have the sky above. Then swimming backstroke, floating supine, I could watch it. And then it's beautiful, really beautiful… You should swim a supine frog style. This style is not popular, and many would consider it bizarre. Legs move much like when you do the breaststroke, while hands not – you keep hands along your torso, then you spread them as if making a W letter, like a butterfly opens its wings, and they scoop water when moving back to the torso. Seen from above, or from under, you would remind a bit a swimming octopus, or other cephalopod, for a sort of jet-propulsion is used in both cases… The W style, or the jet style, or the octopus style, has the same advantage as the breaststroke, the frog style: you don't swim in a deafening and dazzling whirlpool, you swim in gentle silent bubblings watching the trajectories of birds' flights and the smudged outline of the shores which imitate a line of illegible text, or even are so.

It must be water. A lake of letters is not enough at all. You will not dip your body in a text. They say body is mind – because mind is body. They also say mind is a part of the body, while body is a part of mind. They also say there is no mind without body, like there is no body without mind. They say there are many other variants… It is like it is – doesn't matter. The body must be dipped in water. So, so does the mind.

And how about a wide lazy river? Just try to swim upstream with the speed of this stream – then you will hang in the water like a sophists' arrow hangs in the air…. It's stupid. You will see all the time the same. The same part of the shore. As if you fixed your eyes on one word. And if you swam (or hung) supine, you would see one and the same piece of the sky. What a pity! Every piece of the sky is different and worth seeing.