What stadium?
Meaning good for?
Big. And small, too.
Well, either big or small. Or there are two stadiums: a big one and a small one.
No. There is only one. Big and small. Meaning adjustable. Adaptable. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Sometimes for this. Sometimes for that. Sometimes for nothing. Sometimes huge. Sometimes cosy. Intimate. If a stadium can be intimate. But why not?
An intimate stadium for an intimate competition?
That's right.
An intimate competition?
Yes. Why not? For example a monomatch. Meaning a competitor is competing against himself, is battling against himself. They say this is the essence of sport: to overcome one's own weakness. Yes, they say so… This stadium is strange, isn't it?
Is it a plan? A view from above? A side view – an elevation? A façade? Because this is rather neither perspective nor axonometric view of this structure.
Hmmmm... Well…..
A section?
Rather not…. But…. Why not? This could be a section. This could also be a plan. Of one building. Or of a complex of buildings. Why not? This is a highly adjustable, the most adaptable stadium. One day it looks this way, the next day it looks absolutely differently. Its parts can be easily moved. The size of these parts can be changed. As you wish. As it is needed. It can be flooded, frozen, filled, covered, uncovered... Imagination is the only limitation.
It's hard to believe, when you look at it, however THIS stadium is really different than THE ONE BEFORE.
Yes. Very hard. But that's the way it is.
Such complexity should not favour this enormous, even monstrous, multifunction. It is simplicity that favours multifunction, and adaptiveness, adjustability, changeability. Here we have a labyrinth which is never simple. As if hide-and-seek were a national sport here….
Quite accurate remark it is. Quite a bit… Only a bit. Because it is not the point here to get hide and be not found, but to find an exit from the labyrinth we've entered accidentally (or not accidentally – we are not quite sure about that). And this is fun only to some extent. Well, a fun which is only fun is not really funny.
What is this stadium for? One can run across and around a meadow.
Of course. Then this so complicated combination of more and less bizarre figures would turned out to be a neat and clear representation of all tangled paths trampled down in grass. Or an itinerary of a cross-country race. Or maybe an itinerary of rafting or canoeing. Of course upstream. Canoeing upstream is much more interesting than downstream. Definitely a bigger challenge. Upstream means active, while downstream means passive. More or less. Not necessarily one must run across a meadow. One's eyes can rum across a page of text, too…. Yes. This remark is more accurate. Writing the truth a stadium is not necessary here. Here and anywhere. A stadium is not needed to go in for sports. Like a concert hall is not needed to make music, to play music. Music can exist, and does exist, without concerts and concert halls, while concerts and concert halls could not exist without music . . . . . . . . Right now, in beyond-fence and beyond-screen countries and states, a stadium is an edifice of a stature and calibre like temples were in the past. However not here. This stadium does not differ from other constructions, buildings and structures that can be found here. It's neither bigger, nor more perfect, nor more splendid, nor more extravagant. So, why it is here? This is really interesting, worth wondering. Why it is here and what for . . . . . . . . Maybe to make us think, ponder and wonder? Which may indicate that pondering could be a national sport in Liberland. Thinking. Only if there were any nation here… Maybe that's the reason there is none...