It looks like nobody has been competing in sitting so far. Strange, for sitting needs an effort and force, too. Keeping the body is a certain position, not always comfortable, or comfortable in the beginning and then really tiring and exhausting, is not that easy. Of course, it would be quite difficult to indicate who was sitting the fastest, though extremely interesting – just to define the speed of sitting can be a real challenge, taking into account the simple fact that in this very case fastest does not mean shortest (the fewest amount of seconds or minutes) like in the running. In the sitting a distance is not a space, but a time, so the following bizarre question should be asked who sat the fastest the distance of twenty minutes? . . . . It would be much easier to indicate who was sitting the longest – however here longest would be the counterpart of furthest in the running. Or: who was sitting the longest? would mean the same as the question: who ran the longest distance? who reached the furthest point running? . . . . With no doubt supporting would be difficult, if possible at all, especially when the competitors should sit motionlessly – the sitting in motion would be a bit less boring, but only a bit. Certainly, a lot would depend on what the competitors would be sitting on (as well as in front of, or behind, what, however not that much) – here the imagination seems to have no limits... Sitting down is a different kettle of fish. Yes, absolutely. For example: to sit down in right order on a few dozens of numbered chairs scattered chaotically. Or: to sit down a hundred times on a rocking chair (and then keep rocking). Or: to sit down on the ground, legs stretched straight forward and touching the ground with calves and thighs.

AND SO ON. And so on. And so on. And so on...

The opinion that the sitting does not contain an element of competing is wrong. It has been well known for very long that there are two kinds of competing: against the others and against oneself. Even if it is hard to notice the first one in the sitting, the other one can be seen (and experienced) easily, and its level can be higher than in many other sport disciplines. Just sit to the end, sit through, when the whole body is aching and going numb from the tips of the toes to the hairs on the pate, and the mind, sometimes called a soul, is suffering and stiffening even more….

Nevertheless, trying to follow the Olympic motto faster higher stronger we choose without any hesitation faster. With no doubt higher and stronger are more attractive. Which one of us wouldn't like to sit the highest. Which one of us wouldn't like to sit the strongest. Yet we count on faster. We love preposterous absurd abstraction, don't we?