I don't like running... Don't exaggerate!
I like running... Don't exaggerate, either!
So, I neither like nor don't like.
They say and write: the truth is in the middle.
More precisely: the truth is in between.
In this very case closer to I don't like.

I prefer walking to running.
I really do prefer.
I am a long-distance walker.
I can walk and walk ceaselessly.
I can't run ceaselessly.
I can run only a bit. For a while.
One must train running.
There's no need to train walking.
We keep walking all the time.
We run only from time to time.
We run rarely. Seldom.

Race-walking is bizarre.
It's strange to race walking.
If we want to race – we run.
If we want to chase – we run.
Running is to move fast.
Walking is to move normally.
Normally means not so fast.
Well, it was like that. In the past.
But it's not like that now.
It needn't to be like that now.
Now we move faster immobile.
I don't mean teleporting, not at all.
Now we run to catch a bus. Or train.

Yet this is not the reason to complain.
There are people who want to run across a vast desert.
No doubt. Just for fuss. For sheer unpleasure.
Soon somebody would like to cross the ocean.
Running on its bottom. No doubt about that.
Will there be people desiring to run across Liberland?
What a challenge it will be! What a torture!

Running is not needed any more.
To some extent.
What is not needed is bizarre.
To some extent.
That's why a steeplechase run has been invented.
That's why a steeplechase walk has not been invented.
That's good. Steeplechase walk would be unbearable.

Running is beautiful.
Walking is ugly.
Not everybody not always run beautifully.
Some run amazingly sometimes.
You can't stop watching them.
Everybody walk more or less nicely.
Not ugly. Not beautifully. In between.
Nobody nowhere walk beautifully.
Oh, no! Cats walk beautifully.
Yes! That's right. Cats walk.
And dogs don't walk. Dogs can only run.
Cats walk and run beautifully
Dogs don't walk and run nicely.

While snails crawl sweetly.
Frogs jumps charmingly.
Toads walk awkwardly.

There is no competing in the beauty of running.
What a pity… So, let it happen...