I don't know. I have never known and I will never know. I will never learn. What a pity. But take it easy. I do not despair. I can live without knowing what energy is. I can't live without energy.
Well, it means I know... Yes, I know but I don't KNOW. I know only superficially – I don't know profoundly and thoroughly. So I don't know. In other words: I understand it verbally – I don't understand it non-verbally. My understanding is limited to words only. My understanding does not go beyond words. While real understanding is just beyond words. Words are a sort of wrapping and wrapping usually covers, hides, what is wrapped. Although sometimes wrapping tries to inform us what has been wrapped, yet this information, even the most accurate, just, honest and careful is never complete, for it can not be complete.
But these are things and matters well known and repeating them constantly is simply boring.

Does being aware that I know what I am looking for but I don't know what it is what I am looking for help in searching or rather not?
It is said that energy is the ability of a system to perform work. But it is also said that any system (any matter) strives to achieve the state of permanent and total laziness, meaning the state of disability – any system simply wants to disintegrate, to decompose itself.
But I don't want. What does it mean? Am I not a system? So, what am I if I'm not a system?

If I am constantly ready and able to perform work, and I am, then I am energy. If I am energy, than I am a source of energy, too – I don't know if this is so always and in any case, that a source of energy is this energy itself, which seems quite complicated, but in this very case it is exactly so. I am the source of energy for Liberland.

Is Liberland constantly and always ready and able to perform work? It is. Of course it is. What work? Well, it is always ready to be read . . . . . Although this sounds convincing, there is a slight shadow of doubt. Let's try to dispel it. For example in a following way: to read is a kinetic energy while to be read (to be able to be read) is a potential energy. You can't read anything that is not able to be read . . . . . . . Now we should judge if this is readable, if this is able to be read . . . . . . . So, the system almost closed is possible: I drive Liberland – Liberland drives me. Taking into account the simple fact that the famous saying I am the state has here absolutely nothing of metaphor, I would be the source of energy also for myself . . . . . . . . . Beautiful bullshit and sentimental suppositions . . . . . . . . I don't understand it. I still don't understand it.