. . . . . . . . . . . .
Is there any gas here?
Nothing is hissing... So... It hears like it is not. I mean, of course, natural gas. If so, then Nature should be here. First of all. Is there any Nature here? Probably there is. Probably means it may be here or it may be not... So, maybe there is a putrefaction gas here. To have here a gas of this kind something should putrefy here. Does anything putrefy in Liberland? With no doubt there are some putrid thoughts. And decaying ideas. Rotten morality could be found here, too…. Is it enough?
But maybe some swamps could be found. Yes, they should be somewhere. And over the swamps tiny flames here and there proving the presence of gases that billow deep in the marshy bottomlessness and come to the surface as reckless bubbles sometimes transporting pieces of hideous matter of corpses and carcasses.
Nobody has been looking for it. So nobody knows... Something worth checking. Or not worth? If there is petroleum here, then all A would be transformed into oil rigs. Not a nice vision, indeed.
Maybe. If there is a forest here (and there is one) and if there is a swamp in this forest (maybe there is – the forest is quite big and thick, so different things can take place in it), there will be a mire, a peat bog. And one day in the future there will be coal. Brown and black. One day in the future means nobody knows when. We will have to wait much too long. Nobody would be so patient….
A river. Yes – a river would be good. Especially a rapid one, rushing, falling from a height….. Well, any water. Flowing. Moving. Troubled. Rough…. Yes. Water would be better, much better….
There is a river here, but a lazy one, very lazy, flowing so slowly, that almost unnoticeably. There is a sea, too. But this sea is extremely calm, not rough at all. It's calm as a lake. Waves are like mute ripples. Tides are imperceptible. Maybe there are no tides at all…. And there are no waterfalls. No geysers. No fountains…. But there is a desert.
A desert! Good! Desert can be useful. Provided that sharp winds dance wildly on it spilling sand grains constantly…. Sand and sun…. Well, the sun – sometimes it shines, sometimes does not. More often it does not shine. More often Liberland is covered with darkness than flooded with light…… But these sand grains moving and being spilled constantly. This is something very interesting. Provided that it happens constantly. Constantly, ceaselessly – this is very important.
Do winds blow here?
Winds, winds, winds…. Once again dreams about a windmill. At least a small windmill on the roof….. But the winds blowing here are so lazy. They are supposed to be gale and hurricanes, yet nothing flaps, nothing is captured and torn, nothing is tousled….
So maybe clouds? Clouds flow ceaselessly. They keep flowing. They flow and flow and nothing results from this flowing but a useless overcast…. So, maybe they could drag something? push? pull? whirl? rub?…..
There are no clouds here. Most probably. It's either bright or dark. Maybe these clouds are totally different, maybe they should be looked for somewhere else, not in the sky…….. Is there any sky here? If there is a sky here, then it is white. Most often white. The clouds are coloured and they don't flow. If they are…..
What is here? Are there any atoms here? To make fissions or fusions…..
Atoms? Something like dots? Yes, there are plenty of dots here. And plenty of strokes, too.
So, what is here? Dots. Points. Strokes. Lines. Signs. Forms. Figures. Shapes. Letters. Words. Phrases…… And if they are here, then there is gas, swamp, coal, forest, wilderness, gales, storms, rough sea, lightnings, roaring waterfalls, volcanoes …… Everything. Absolutely everything.
But these dots, points, strokes, shapes, figures, lines, letters, words, phrases….. they all don't move. And if they don't move they are of no use.
What is swarming? What is moving, flowing, blowing, rushing, whirling, billowing constantly?
Then let's think about the energy of thoughts.
Yes. This could be an inexhaustible source of energy for Liberland.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Thoughts – what are they?
What is Liberland: words or thoughts? signs or ideas? ……. A combination of words ready and able to perform work? What work? . . . . . . . . . . You see? The swarming starts at once. Running away and chasing. Racing. Pushing and pulling. Frictions . . . . . . . . . . . If a small, really small part of energy could be taken from any move, from each tap of fingers on keyboard, from every step, from every swarm and friction of thoughts, if only a small part of this wasted energy already wasted could be saved, then everybody would be able to warm themselves and to light their states. . . . . . . . . .

The machinery of mind powered by the energy of thoughts. Perpetum mobile. It would be so, if a mind could exist beyond the brain.
Bullshits, bullshits, bullshits. Self-powered bullshits. One bullshit powering the other bullshit. Yes. This is the real perpetum mobile.